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Job 22:28

Thou shall decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee and a light shall shine upon thy ways.

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I received healing after partaking in the Lord’s supper
I had pain on one of my fingers on my right hand for many months. Each time I use my hand the finger was very painful to me. My family knew about this problem I had. Today as I came to church, my finger was hurting me. As we were having the Lord's Supper, Pastor shared a message that Jesus came to take away all our sicknesses and diseases by the shedding of His blood. After I partook of the Lord's Supper, I asked Jesus to heal my finger as I was tired of the pain. I was amazed after the prayer, all the pain left me. I want to testify that Jesus healed my finger completely, and I can now bend it without any pain. His name is to be praised.