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Mark 10:27

Mark 10:27 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.”

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God’s blessing in my Life
My name is Hanit Jagtiani and I have been with CRC for 8 months now. Ever since I started going to church regularly without missing a single prayer session started receiving testimonies week after week. It’s been 3 months now and I have not passed a single week without sharing my testimonies. The Lord has helped me in various areas of my life and He has blessed me all this while. Here are some of the areas in which I have received blessings from our Lord Jesus. May His name be glorified in these testimonies.

1) In the month of May I gave my tithes (10% of my salary) to the Lord with thanksgiving in my heart. I wanted the money to be used for God's purpose solely and I was not expecting anything in return. I had waited the entire month to offer my tithes and was very excited! After I had made the offering, the following day I received very good business in my shop. The entire street was quiet and most of the shopkeepers did not have any business however by God's grace I got a big customer from Zimbabwe who purchased enough goods to make up for the entire week's business. Then the next day I went to my clearing agent's office with Tsh 1.3 million cash, as we had to pay this amount as extra duty for one of our new consignments. To my surprise my agent's assistant told me to take back the money, she told me that TRA had waived the entire amount. Now this was unbelievable and this is when I remembered that I had paid my tithes on Sunday. This means that my tithes was accepted by God and He had blessed me not once but twice. It’s like I offered 1 bucket and got back 12 buckets. I was so happy to share this testimony in the Sunday service and gave glory to God.

2)On April 15th I got a dream about my uncle who lives in Mumbai,India.In my dream I was talking to someone on phone and that person told me that my uncle Mohan Kanjani is sick, he has diabetes and is facing death. I woke up immediately and felt very heavy in my heart. I prayed to God in the name of Jesus and asked Him to protect my uncle but I still felt heavy in my heart. Then I sent my mother a text message with faith that my dream was a message from God. I told my mother about my dream and asked her to check if my uncle was alright?? That same day I called up my mother in India and asked her if she checked for my uncle?? She told me that my uncle is absolutely fine and he had never ever had diabetes, he was in fact a heart patient and he had had a heart attack long ago. This made me feel relieved but I also became confused as I was sure that this dream was no ordinary dream. It was a message from God. Then why didn’t it come true?? I got this answer after a month when my mother told me on phone that my uncle did a test just because of my dream and he found out that he did have diabetes, but praise God for his diabetes was at a very low level. Now I have enough time to pray for him every day and he also has enough time to take precautions and take the right medicines. We both give glory to God and thank him for protecting my uncle and answering my prayers.