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Mathew 11:28

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

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Christopher’s Testimony
Praise the Lord!!!
I would like to thank Our Lord Jesus Christ for bringing me to Dar Es Salaam and helping me to work for a period of three years!
Before even I started from India I had to…

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God’s blessing in my Life
My name is Hanit Jagtiani and I have been with CRC for 8 months now. Ever since I started going to church regularly without missing a single prayer session started receiving testimonies week after week.…

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Protected from being crushed by a fuel tanker
We were driving on a highway. I was giving my driver directions where I wanted him to turn. As we neared the place he somehow did not realize what he was doing instead of turning he stopped the car on…

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Blessing of a bus
Ever since I gave my life to Jesus, I have faithfully stood for him. Every time I have a problem, I pray to Jesus and he helps me. I was working for a construction company and faced many difficulties there.…

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Received healing after 14 years of back pain
Ever since I was eight years old I used to have pain in my back. This has been going on now for 14 years. I have been on medication all the time and a couple of times even admitted to hospital. Doctors…

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I received healing after partaking in the Lord’s supper
I had pain on one of my fingers on my right hand for many months. Each time I use my hand the finger was very painful to me. My family knew about this problem I had. Today as I came to church, my finger…

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Jesus blessed us with a son
I want to thank God for blessing us with a child after coming to Jesus for help. I got married for one and a half year but did not get a child. My wife and I wanted a child. We checked with the doctors…

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Changing the situation around
My boss was upset with a situation in the workshop and told my collogue and myself to take three days rest. We knew that he was angry and from what we heard he planned to sack us. This happened on Thursday,…

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Saved from being crushed by a train
On Thursday I dropped my wife off at church as she was going to attend a prayer session. I had a lot of things to do that day, one of them was to go to a place close to the airport. And so I drove to the…

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