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Proverbs 3:13

But he who trusts in the Lord will prosper

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Children Ministry
Community Revival Church (CRC) knows the importance of imparting into a child the knowledge of a loving God at an early age. In the Bible we read many times God uses children in different ways for His divine plan. CRC acknowledges that God is able to anoint our children, just as He did in the Bible, in an even greater way. It is our desire to see our children worshipping the Lord, and to be effective in the area of evangelism.

Nowadays, it is tragic to see children have become a target by the enemy. It is for this reason CRC is equipping young children to handle opposition and become overcomers. They are taught in Sunday school to learn to say NO to SIN !

At CRC about ten children attend the Children’s Ministry. They study the Word of God and how they can apply it in their lives. The Children take part in learning activities such as Bible quizzes as a fun game related to the lesson. This is followed by quality time of prayer for their spiritual needs.

Our children are being trained to pray for others, especially those who have attended our outreach meetings. During an August2008 event more that 50 children participated. For our Christmas celebration another 65 young children attended. We thank God for 40 children gave their lives to Jesus at the Miracle Healing Service.

The closer children come to developing a relationship with Jesus, the more successl, prosperity and fruitfulness they will experience in their future. They will become the children God the Father wants them to be and that is our CRC’s desire !